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Attendance Information

Please call: (802) 899-1971 and leave a message or email to report an absence.

Attendance Guidelines

Absence from school/class/study hall

State of Vermont Laws Title 16 #1121, Compulsory Attendance “to attend a public school continually for the

full number of days for which school is held.” Mt. Mansfield believes that regular attendance by its students

is necessary in order to obtain an adequate understanding of the instruction and materials presented by its


Following an absence from school for illness or excused reasons, a student must bring a written note from a

parent or guardian. Parent should notify the school prior to the students being absent or receiving and early

dismissal. The attendance administrative assistant will exchange the parent note or call for an admission

slip. If no note or call is received within 24 hours, a detention will be assigned and the absence is

considered unexcused.

All homework can be found on Schoology.

A student must be in all of their classes to be eligible to participate in any co-curricular games/performances.

If a student has an appointment the day of a game/performance they should get prior approval from


Without prior approval they will not be able to participate. For a student to participate in any co-curricular

practices they need to be in school and have no unexcused absences.

Students who arrive at school after the start of the school day should report to the attendance office for a

tardy slip.

Excused absences/early dismissals/tardies are limited to illness, medical appointments, or other family


Attendance Regulations

Class cut will result in detention and parent notification.

Forged notes will result with disciplinary action.

Planned absences exceeding four days need the approval of the administration prior to the absence. Forms

are available in the Main Office.

Drop-outs from any approved secondary school system (including those in the Mt. Mansfield Modified

School District) must meet with administration prior to enrolling at Mt. Mansfield Union High School.

After five (5) cumulative absences, the student will be notified in writing by the school and will receive

information about the District Truancy Procedure. This procedure requires us to notify parents when

students reach five (5), ten (10), and fifteen (15) days of excused or unexcused absences in order to

reinforce the importance of good attendance. After fifteen (15) days of absence, conference with parents

and referral to truancy court may be required depending on the nature of the prior absence.