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Scheduling Computer Labs at MMU


Lab & portable lab schedules at MMU have moved to Google Calendar.

The Resource Calendar on the web will show what is already scheduled.

Each lab resource has it’s own “Appointment Calendar”.


To sign up for a lab:

Visit the lab scheduling site.

Click on the “Schedule <This Resource>” link.

The appointment calendar will be superimposed over your personal calendar, with available slots in white .

Click on the slot you wish to reserve.

  • Your name will be filled out automatically.
  • For portable labs, please enter your room number after your name.
  • If you have a small group and are willing to share the PC lab, please specify the number of kids after your room number.
  • If you only need the resource for ½ a class and are willing for others to take the other half, please specify “Early” or “Late” in the “What” line.
  • Click SAVE.

NOTE: all of this information should be entered in the “What” line (top line,) as that is the only line that shows up on the Agenda.

You will receive an email notification of your “appointment”. The event will be added to your primary Google Calendar (not a separate layer) .


You can delete your own appointment (making it available to others) through your Google Calendar. Make sure you click “Notify other Guests” when you cancel so that it is removed from the master calendar.