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Mt. Mansfield Union High School Student Services

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SAT and ACT Testing Update (6/30/2020)

Vermont has started reopening (yes!) and it has been great to see more and more open signs at our local businesses.  As many of you are experiencing, however, college readiness testing continues to be a challenge.  Looking on the bright side, colleges are stepping up and developing ways to ensure that testing challenges do not pose a barrier as you apply.  Even Dartmouth has gone test-optional for next year!  As you investigate your potential college options, be sure to visit their websites regularly for Covid-19 testing updates.  Here is where we stand at MMU:

ACT:  To protect student and staff safety, MMU has made the very difficult decision to cancel our July 18 ACT.  We apologize for this as it is not the outcome we had hoped for.  Unfortunately our test site had become a draw for out of state students and it quickly became clear we could not ensure the safety of our own community.  We did make a request to ACT that we close our test to all but MMU students - this request was denied. 

If you were signed up for the test you will be getting notification from ACT that the MMU test has been cancelled.  The best way to investigate your rescheduling options is to call ACT at: 1-319-337-1270.  Speaking to a person seems to be the easiest way to change test dates and locations.  Again, we apologize for having to make this difficult decision.  

SAT for Seniors:  We realize the loss of the ACT test is a frustrating development.  To help alleviate this, MMU remains committed to providing an SAT test (free of charge) to all seniors in the fall.  We have set up a September 23rd School Day SAT and will provide more information on this the first week of school.  Students do not need to sign up for this - we will take care of it for you.  We have also scheduled a make up day for this School-Day test in October just in case.     

We recognize how stressful this all is and appreciate your understanding as we navigate it together. We MMU counselors are confident things will work out just fine.

Kristen Barker, Toni Chandler, Chris Adams, and Rebecca Sullivan - MMU School Counselors


From earlier this year:

Junior Parent/Guardian College Night slideshow presentation from March 12th

Senior Sessions (click on workshop title for slide presentation)

9/17 - What to expect after high school
9/18 - Overview of application process, orientation to Naviance 
9/24 - Create and work on Common Application or build resume
9/25 - Work in Naviance, letters of rec., requesting transcripts
10/1 - College essay and supplemental essay writing 
10/2 - Q & A with Local Reps:  4 year college, GAP year, VTC/CCV
10/8 - Conferences with English teachers about essays
10/9 - Financial Aid & Nuts and bolts, tie up loose ends

Life After MMU & the College Application Process (presentation from 9/11)

**A note about Driver’s Ed: Each year we get many questions about how to register for driver’s education at MMU. The first thing students need to do in order to get on our driver’s ed list is to bring their permit to Student Services to be copied. This makes one eligible for the class. Each semester, we schedule the oldest students whose permits are on file. 

College Admission Representatives please schedule visits to Mt. Mansfield Union High School at RepVisits