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Mt. Mansfield Union High School Student Services

(Ph) 802-899-2987 (Fax) 802-899-2904

For updates on MMU Student Services please follow us!

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News from MMU Counselors 

All Students:

  • As exams are approaching, please make sure you are checking in with teachers about exam review sessions, study guides or expectations around the final exam in each of your classes.
  • If you are in need of any credit recovery summer course, or are interested in taking a Dual Enrollment course (for rising 11th and 12th graders) at a local college,  please see your counselor so we can help you make a plan. 
  • We have been updating Naviance and our Student Services website when summer enrichment opportunities come our way, so please check out what is going on locally over the summer.

We are so excited for all of you as you embark on a new journey after Mt. Mansfield.  We have all enjoyed being a part of your life for four years.  Please remember to update your Naviance account and let us know where your plans take you next year! 

If you are still trying to figure out where you are headed next year and are considering taking a college class, an admissions advisor from CCV is willing to come to MMU to meet with you, to begin the registration process.  Please see your counselor if you would like to set up an appointment.
Rising Seniors:
We hope that by now you have taken some time to explore the career and college resources on Naviance Family Connection.  Over the course of the next few months and the summer, you might want to take the opportunity to get a jump start on your college planning process:

  • Before you leave for summer vacation, check in with teachers who you are considering asking for a letter of recommendation and see what their preferences and timelines are for writing letters.
  • Fill out the "Senior Brag-Sheet" (for students) or "An Adult's Perspective" (for parents/guardians) located in Naviance.  You can access these surveys by going to “About Me”, “My Surveys”, “Surveys Not Started” then “Senior Brag Sheet”.   These important surveys are required for students who may be applying to colleges which require a Counselor Recommendation (most 4-year colleges).  Your insight is essential.  We ask that you please consider completing these surveys before summer vacation, so that we may do as much writing in the summer as possible. 
  • Remember to make an appointment with your counselor to start talking about your post high school plans.
  • We look forward to working with you through our “Senior Sessions” next year.  We will have 8 scheduled sessions during the school day, beginning in early September and running through the first week in October that will be used to support you through the college application and post-secondary planning process

Please stay in touch and let us know how we can be helpful as you look ahead to next year.  Have a fun and rejuvenating summer!

A note about Driver’s Ed: Each year we get many questions about how to register for driver’s education at MMU. The first thing students need to do in order to get on our driver’s ed list is to bring their permit to Student Services to be copied. This makes one eligible for the class. Each semester, we schedule the oldest students whose permits are on file. We are currently scheduling students for Fall 2019 driver’s ed and will schedule Spring 2020 driver’s ed in October. 

Thank you, Kristen Barker, Toni Chandler, Chris Adams and Rebecca Sullivan

College Admission Representatives please schedule visits to Mt. Mansfield Union High School at RepVisits