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Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

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Mock Trial Competition Club

Andy McClellan - Mock Trial Competition Club Advisor

Club Synopsis

Members of this team will prepare for and compete in the Vermont High School Mock Trial Competition. Team members will take on the role of lawyers and witnesses and learn trial practice skills. Students work with lawyers from the Vermont Bar to polish their skills and tactics.


Group of Students Outside VT Law School

MMU's Mock Trial team on trial day at Vermont Law School

MMU’s 2019 Mock Trial Team on Competition Day at Vermont Law School in 2019. Vermont State, Federal, and Supreme Court Judges as well as members of the Vermont Bar judged the competition and were extremely impressed with the performance of MMU students. Individually, Gina Airoldi received the award for Best Defense Attorney and Byrce DiNardo was awarded Best Prosecution Witness.

     MMU’s 2020 Mock Trial Team put in a tremendous effort to prepare for the 2020 Competition and was very excited to compete at Vermont Law School. Unfortunately, the competition was cancelled a few weeks before the competition due to the pandemic.

Group of Mock Trial Students Together

Mock Trial Club Members at WorkMock Trial Club Members prepping for a debate

An ongoing mock trial

David Marlow - MMU Activities Director
(802) 858-1774