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Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

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National Honor Society

Fran Donato - National Honors Society Advisor

2018-19 Officers

- President -
Lucaiah Smith-Miodownik

- Secretary -
Sebastiaan West

- Out of School Service -
Kira Margolis

- Vice-President -
Ellie Churchill

- Fundraising -
Lily Wolf

- In-School Service -
Iain Pless

Club Synopsis

Students with a 3.6 or better at the end of their sophomore year who have shown outstanding performance in the areas of service, leadership, and character are eligible to seek membership in the National Honor Society. The criteria for selection form the foundation upon which the organization and its activities are built.

After students have submitted documentation of the areas in which they have shown service and leadership both inside and outside of school, the final decision is made by a faculty committee.

MMU's chapter of the National Honor Society convened again this fall with many new members, and a membership of more than thirty people. These students were selected as sophomores or juniors in recognition of their academic achievements and dedication to serving the community. So far, the students have been enthusiastically participating in service projects around the community and even into the greater Burlington area in order to fulfill the necessary 20 hours of community service per semester.



David Marlow - MMU Activities Director
(802) 858-1774