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Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

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MMU Paw LogoTop 10 things to know about

Project Grad
  1. ALL graduates MAY participate, regardless of their donation. They must, however, register.
  2. Graduates MAY NOT drive themselves to or from Project Grad and Parent / Guardians MUST drop off and pick up their graduate at MMU.
  3. ALL graduates MUST arrive drug, alcohol, and substance free to participate. Alcohol, drugs, and substances are strictly prohibited during Project Grad.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for any and all of the forecasted outside weather..
  5. Backpacks and larger bags, including sleeping bags, will not be allowed. Purses are subject to search by police or school administrators.
  6. Graduates are required to remain at the event the entire time.
  7. Once graduates have checked in, they will not be allowed to leave. They are only allowed to leave if an emergency occurs. Participants will NOT be released to any person other than their legal guardian or own parents.
  8. If you leave Project Grad, you are not allowed to return.
  9. Responsible behavior is required. Parent / Guardians will be asked to pick up their graduate immediately if rules are violated.
  10. Police will deal with any illegal violations according to state law.

This is a time to hang out and have fun!

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FAQs, Contact

Can I bring a purse/small bag for necessary personal items?

Yes. All bags will be inspected at check-in.

What if I have medication that I need to bring?

The school nurse will give chaperones a list of students who need medication.

-medication will be brought to check in by student and clearly labeled

-medication will be turned over to the designated adult upon check-in at MMU

-student will report to that adult to self-medicate when necessary

-medication will be returned to the designated adult after self-medication

-student is responsible for picking up any remaining medication upon check out at MMU


For more information about 2021 Project Graduation, please contact: