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Research Databases


Image of Bloom's Literature link


Provides access to full-text journal articles, literary criticism and reviews.

Image of GVRL Research Matters Logo


(Includes Novels For Students) Presents analysis, context and criticism from commonly studied novels.

Contemporary Issues


Image of Gale opposing viewpoints Logo

Provides access to full-text articles related to the “hottest social issues.”

Image of SIRS Logo


Provides access to pro vs. con overviews and full-text articles related to contemporary social issues.

General Research


Image of world book advanced Logo

Provides access to thousands of articles, biographies, videos and images at a variety of reading levels.

Image of Biography in context Logo


Provides access to in-depth, original profiles of significant historical and cultural people.


Image of Vermont Online Library

Allows for simultaneous search of all or selected Gale databases. Provides access to a few dozen databases with professional journal articles with topics ranging from current events, popular culture, business, sciences, sports, education, technology, health, economics, law & more.



Educator's Reference Complete image icon

Provides access to research in the field of education, human development and child psychology.


Image of JSTOR Logo

Provides access to a broad subject range of full-text academic journals and books.

History & Social Studies

Image of Global Issues in Context

Provides access to international viewpoints and resources on contemporary social, political, military, economic, environmental, health, and cultural issues.

Image of GALE US History in Context

Provides access to articles, primary sources, and images, maps and charts for the study of U.S. history.

Image of Gale World History in Context Logo

Provides access to articles, primary sources, and images, maps and charts for the study of world history.

Image of Culture Grams Logo

Provides access to concise, reliable, and up-to-date country reports on 200 cultures of the world.

Technology, Science & Health

Image of GALE Science in Context Logo

Provides access to research relating to the fields of science, math and technology.

General Science Collection image icon that links out to

Provides access to the current scientific research.

Image of Health and Wellness Logo

Provides access to health & medical journal articles, pamphlets, videos and reference resources.

Music & Art

Image of Oxford Art Online Logo

Provides access to full-text research articles, biographies, timelines and thematic guides.

Image of Fine Arts & Music Collection Logo

Provides access to full-text research articles and covers the subjects of drama, music, art history, and filmmaking.