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For Parents

The Internet is available everywhere through computers, cell phones, game consoles and many other portable devices. Parents, teachers, and students can work together to develop healthy "Digital Citizenship" skills and to use the Internet responsibly.


Resources to help parents guide students in responsible Internet use:

Common Sense Media

iKeepSafe (used by 9th grade Health classes)

25 Slang Terms Parents Should Know

Text & Chat Acronyms

Keeping Kids Safe



Image of a kid looking on a computer with text that says keep your kids safe online


Basic Tips for parents:

Be aware, know the risks. It is not just about staying “safe,” but about developing healthy habits.

Be involved: know what sites and apps your children are using

Keep computers in family spaces, check in and make it clear that there should be nothing to hide.

Set clear guidelines & rules. Learning how to balance technology use is an important life skill!

Although education and working directly with your student on balancing technology use is always the best option, OpenDNS provides a free tool for filtering your home Internet connection. Many home routers also allow you to set time limits on Internet access - contact your ISP for support if they provide your router.