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Career Exploration

Being thoughtful and intentional with your process will help you learn a lot about any industry. You can set yourself up for success in a career by following the MMU Progression.

MMU Progression
1) Job Shadow - Typically 1 day, observing, ask questions, meet people.
2) Long term volunteering - Over many weeks, gaining experience, learning culture and process, growing your professional network.
3) Internship/Externship - Set expectations, establish roles and take responsibility, build your resume.
4) Employment - Turn your connections and experience into a paid job, hopefully doin what you love!


1) Job Shadow
Designed to get you onsite in a workplace, a job shadow lets you observe a day in the life of someone working in an industry. It’s one thing to read or talk about a career; it’s entirely different to see it first hand. We all want to figure out our future career, but it’s just as important to cross something off the list! There is no such thing as a bad job shadow. Do them often, and even if you learn a few things that you never want to do it is time well spent.
What to do now?

  • Consider your interests - use to take interest inventories and explore potential careers of interest. You will likely find jobs you never knew existed.
  • Talk to family and friends to see if you know someone working in an industry you would like to explore.
  • Build a list of potential businesses to visit, the more the better!
  • Schedule a meeting with Mr. Alofsin


2) Long Term Volunteering

  • After you shadow you’ll have made connections and learned a bit more about your interests
  • Use those connections to get involved as a volunteer. This shows you’re interested and willing to work.
  • Spending time on site will allow you to dive deeper into the profession, ask more questions, and gain valuable hands on experience.
  • People will get to know you, and your continued good impression will make the next step possible.
  • Link to list of organizations typically looking for volunteer help


3) Internship

  • Now that you have lots of time on site and people know you, it’s a good time to push for an internship.
  • Look over your schedule to target dates and times that work.
  • Consider the type of work you would like to be doing, and the skills that you can offer to get the job done.
  • Meet with an appropriate MMU teacher to discuss PBGR integration and follow-up (if necessary)
  • Make sure transportation, school and extracurricular activities are taken into consideration before securing your internship.
  • Develop a proposal for your internship and then meet with Mr. Alofsin and your potential host.
  • Past Internship Experiences


4) Employment

  • Not everyone is looking to become employed after they finish an internship, but the work you have done leading up to this point would make you highly qualified for a job.
  • No internship will promise you paid work when you are done, but through professional connections and experience you will set yourself apart from other candidates.
  • Employers like hiring people they are familiar with, as workplace culture has likely been established and relationships formed.
  • Current Job Postings at MMU - Students should stay active on Schoology, check their email daily, and follow @MMU_Opportunities on Twitter for updates about employment opportunities. Anytime an organization is looking for help Mr. Alofsin will use those resources to let you know!