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College / Career Resources

College Resources

College Testing Information

AP Exams


Schools that Require the SAT essay

Colleges that Require SAT Subject Tests

ACT/SAT Prep Class at MMU

Prepare for SAT success with the Official SAT Practice at

SAT Bootcamp has helped hundreds of students perform better on this high-stakes test through our four-hour workshop. 

College and Career Planning for all grade levels:

Life After High School Presentation 9/6/18

Senior Session #1 - What to expect after high school

Senior Session #2 - Overview of college application process/mock application review

Senior Session #3 - Common Application

Senior Session #4 - Naviance, letters of recommendation, requesting transcripts

Senior Session #5 - College essay

Senior Session #6 - College essay conferencing

Senior Session #7 - 4yr/2yr College Q&A ; GAP Year Options

Senior Session #8 - Financial aid


MMU School-To-Career Handout


VSAC'S "COLLEGE AND CAREER PATHWAYS" - Registration begins February 1st

Husky Summer Institute: High school Juniors and Seniors: Do you want to begin your career in Advanced Manufacturing through a PAID internship with a top employer? Husky Summer Institute could be perfect for you! Visit for more information and to apply.

Career Related Testing

ASVAB Career Exploration Program: The ASVAB is not just "that Military test".

While the results of the ASVAB can be used by students interested in military service, it is much more than a military program. Test results are NOT released to recruiters.

Students that take the ASVAB are provided a full spectrum of career opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, or ability level and can explore occupations in line with their interests and skills as well as develop effective strategies to realize their career goals.

The ASVAB will be given at MMU on Thursday, March 21, 2019.  Students in grades 10-12 that are interested in taking the test can sign up in Student Services.