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Alumni Transcript Request

Transcript request procedure for former MMU students:

 • Requests for transcripts for students 18 years and older should come directly from the student.

Please call the Student Services office at (802) 899-2987 or email

To request an official transcript:
We will need your name (at time of graduation), the year you graduated, and the name/address where the transcript needs to be sent. An official transcript is signed, imprinted with school seal, and issued in a sealed envelope (this is usually required if you are applying to a college or university). Many colleges now accept transcripts via email if it comes directly from the school. If you would like your transcript emailed to a college or other institution, or to an employer, please provide the email address.

There is no charge for up to three (3) transcripts and a $2.00 fee for each additional official transcript. Make checks payable and send to:

MMUHS - Student Services
211 Browns Trace
Jericho, VT 05465

If you would like an unofficial copy of your transcript, please provide the same information as above. There is no fee, and the transcript can be mailed to your residence or emailed to your email address if requested.

If you have any questions please contact us via the phone # or email listed above.