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Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

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What Counselors Do

STUDENT SERVICES COUNSELORS at Mt. Mansfield Union High School assist

students with academic, personal/social, and career development needs. School

counselors are educators with specific training in understanding the needs of

adolescents. Some of the many roles they serve in a school include:

Personal Counseling: School counselors may provide short term individual

counseling for students and parents to provide support, information, and intervention

in dealing with issues related to family, school peers, homework, etc. If needed, school

counselors may provide group counseling for students dealing with similar issues.

Academic Planning: School counselors work with students on a yearly basis to make

appropriate course selections, establish personal goals, and develop future plans.

College Planning: School counselors educate students and their families on the

college process, including SAT/ACT testing. We assist in the search for suitable colleges

and share information on financial aid and scholarships.

Career Awareness: School counselors provide opportunities and resources for

students to explore careers and vocational interests through career interest inventories,

internships, and job shadow experiences.

Consultation: School counselors routinely consult with parents, teachers,

administrators, and outside agencies to develop relevant interventions that support the

academic and personal growth of our students.