Bucky Brandt - (He / Him)
Club Advisor
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Zoe Bernstein
Student Leader
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CLASH is a student-led discussion group open to any student or adult in the building who wants to learn about and discuss cool ideas. We explore and debate anything and everything from current events to current music, religion to robots, philosophy to physics, economics to art. In the past we've had guest speakers join us to discuss their expertise about such diverse topics as restitutional justice, the electoral college, Doctors Without Borders, Buddhism, countable infinities, the rise of ISIS, the nature of gravity, growing up as a Muslim girl in Pakistan, or the philosophy of Nietzsche, to name a few. If you like to talk, learn, or listen, come join us!

Here's a list of just a few of the questions we've explored and debated over the years:

Would you rather be smart or happy?
What is consciousness?
What is the best era for good music?
What tech would you allow in your body?
Are we just chemical reactions or do we have a soul?
What would life be like if we all lived to age 300?
What makes great art?
What is the best form of government?
When, if ever, should robots have rights?
Can restorative justice replace punitive justice?
What is the difference between cultural fusion and cultural appropriation?
Is there life after death?
What is evil?  What is good?
Which drives us more—emotion or reason?
Is there an objective Morality?
Religion vs. Existentialism vs. Nihilism?
Do the ends justify the means?
Would you be willing to live under a truly benevolent dictator?
Radical or moderate reform?
Is all Truth relative?
What is the fabric of the universe?
Why gritty TV?
What is happiness? What is the meaning of life? 

David Marlow - (He / Him)
MMU Activities Director
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